FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE & Promotions Depot Launches New Initiative to Corporate Gift Giving.
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Gift Baskets Personalized with Corporate Products
September 12,, today announced that it has developed a new and successful personalized corporate initiative with respect to corporate gift giving.
Together with Promotions Depot, includes promotional items that are presented within a customized gourmet gift basket. The marketing consulting team will work with companies to develop the message and image a company would like to convey to their prospective and existing clients, employees and business affiliates.
“The customized gourmet gift basket fulfillment programs have been receiving a lot of positive feedback, from both our clients, and the recipients,” commented Brian Fried, President and Founder of and Promotions Depot. “We work very closely with our clients to work within their budgets to incorporate promotional items with your company logo, or company message imprinted or embroidered on a variety of products, and include them in a gift basket, delivered on an agreed date, to the recipient with a personalized gift message”.
Promotions Depot recently conducted a survey, and found that using this personalized and customized gift baskets service has lead to an increase in their business through “referral” and “thank you” programs for their clients, as well as to mark special occasions such as promotions, new business orders, holidays, birthday’s, and other special occasions. Employers have also utilized this service for employee recognition and incentive programs.
About & Promotions Depot specializes in personal and corporate online gift fulfillment services. Promotions Depot is a promotional advertising and marketing consulting company. Both companies are subsidiaries of Flyin’ High, Inc.
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@Work INNOVATION Reprinted from Newsday Business Section Part 3 Weaves New Niche on Internet
July 9th 2001
Innovation looks at one emerging company each Monday. Most are closely-held and have devised a unique technology, a new level of service or an unusual way of doing business. (Headquartered in Hauppauge) The Big Idea: A Web site that enables its users to order customized gift baskets on a personal or corporate basis., also known as, focuses on servicing the Long Island community and is a subsidiary of Flyin' High Inc., which was conceptualized in 1999 by entrepreneur Brian Fried. He thought of the idea because many of his clients of Flyin' High Promotions, his promotional products company, wanted gift baskets sent to their customers.

The site,, enables individuals to order gift baskets for occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Customers also can have a specialized basket made. For example, a customer who is diabetic can have a basket made up with sugar-free products, Fried said. Baskets also are available in bulk for corporations, containing items with the company name and logo.

LIBaskets offers same-day delivery if ordered before 1 p.m. on that day, and their price range is approximately $15 to $300. Top Guns: Brian Fried, 27, of Smithtown, is president and founder of Flyin' High Inc. He had an interest in public relations, which led to his bachelor's degree in public relations/communications from SUNY Oswego in 1995. A year later, he created Flyin' High Inc., formerly known as Flyin' High Balloons. In 1999, he created, which led to the creation of is now the national division of, according to Fried. Key Quotes: "It's the presentation," Fried said, "when a customer opens up a basket and puts a smile on their face, it makes it that much better." The Next Step: Fried hopes to expand his client base for He currently is looking for a partner for another site,, which sells products for college students. He also is looking for a consumer outlet for domain name (, a site in which he plans to address the issue of unauthorized credit card purchases. In addition, Fried is in the process of brainstorming ideas for the development of (, another domain name. He hasn't decided what it will be.

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Promotions Depot Provides New Solutions for Corporate Promotional Product Campaigns
Hauppauge, New York—Sept 6, 2002-- Promotions Depot, a subsidiary of Flyin' High Inc., has announced the launch of a new website, to continue in its quest of providing its clientele with the best solutions for their promotional needs. The new website offers the ability to surf through a catalog of over 155,000 promotional related items. Promotions Depot allows for an easy way to research promotional items including business gifts, awards, recognition items, motivation and event promotions. The process is made effective through the availability of search techniques that allows one to search for the ideal product or solution by way of categories, price range and even production time. For those individuals who wish to learn more about the promotional advertising industry, the "promotional idea" link provides web surfers the ability to read related magazine publications, promotional advertising success stories and even track important upcoming events. Visitors even have a chance to enter a drawing to win $1,000 worth of promotional advertising products. Promotions Depot is hosted on a secure web server that utilizes the latest encryption technology to ensure the safety of sensitive information.

New Concept Helps Corporations Save on Marketing and Promotional Products
NEW YORK, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Companies with annual budgets in excess of one million dollars per year can obtain significant savings to their bottom line numbers by having a "virtual in-house promotional advertising company." Brian Fried has introduced a concept in which his firm's compensation is based on a percentage of how much is saved in the purchase of promotional items and marketing materials rather than the typical marked-up prices when using outside vendors. "We can literally save a tremendous amount of money on a company's all around spending on marketing materials," says Fried, who has built a reputation with specialized marketing methods. "This gives the corporation a feeling of a partnership within an existing promotional advertising business." Fried says this accomplishes two tasks: a savings to bottom line numbers and going to one place for all marketing needs. This facilitation can be performed for any company nation-wide. "Our system will have a tremendous impact on a corporation's time and energy from typical bidding on projects, juggling of many vendors and accounting nightmares," says Fried. A complete review on a corporation's marketing and promotional material is conducted to determine the amount of potential savings, Fried says. When an agreement of terms and conditions is reached, he says, "the savings simply begin and our clients get the utmost value at lowest cost." "I believe this concept will enable a company to achieve more with less money," Fried says, which is important in the highly competitive $16 billion dollar per year promotional products industry.