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The epitome of elegance; this assortment of the finest gourmet desserts and beverages comes artistically arranged in a wrought iron neo-classical urn with a whitewashed and bronzed patina. A gift to be remembered for all time.

an antique white/gold urn, 2 godiva coffee sachets 2 ozs., caramel popcorn 13 oz., chocolate chip cookies 2 oz., godiva biscuits 3.5 oc., 3 champagne truffle bars - milk, dark & mimosa, s'more dunks, godiva hot cocoa, 15.4 oz., grape juice 25.4 fl. oz., ny cheesecake 3 oz., bon appetit snack mix 6 oz., di camillo tin l lb., 1 lb. godiva ballotin. size: 13"d x 11 1/2"h