Click to enlargeOrchard Fruit Gift Basket

Overflowing with luscious fruit and gourmet delicacies, the Orchard Harvest is a signature Groves Goodness basket. With Chocolate Covered Cherries, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Monterey Jack Cheese, Mixed Nuts, Sparkling Pear Cider, Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Honey Wheat Crackers, and Dried Fruit, this gift will truly express your best wishes and generosity. 11.67 lb

Contains: ~ Green D'Anjou Pears ~ Columbia D'Anjou Pears ~ Bosc Pears ~ Fuji Apples ~ Red Delicious Apples ~ Navel Oranges ~ Seckel Pears ~ Royal Golden Pineapple ~ Natural Pear Cider (10 oz) ~ Monterey Jack Cheese ~ Crackers ~ Mixed Nuts ~ Bing Cherry Chocolates ~ Blueberry Chocolates ~ Almond Chocolates

Fruit selections and basket style may vary by season.